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Monday, November 15, 2010


What exactly is going to happen during the 90 day freeze on settlement building in the West Bank that is going to cost the American people some 33.3 million dollars a day? What’s going on here when it’s clear that absolutely nothing will be achieved by the end of the 90 day freeze except Israel will be better off by 30 billion dollars worth of advanced military jets?

When the 90 day freeze ends, then building simply resumes and the whole process is back where it started. Do Obama and Clinton really believe that a Palestinian state will somehow be negotiated during those 90 days? They’ve been ‘negotiating’ for the last three decades; what makes them think it’s going to be all sorted out within three months?

When will the people of the world wake up to what’s really going on here? The American people are being ripped off by billions – all of which will end up in the hands of the aircraft manufacturers while the aircraft will eventually end up in the hands of the Israelis who will use them to continue attacking the Palestinians with.

And, at the end of the 90 day freeze, there will still be no Palestinian state and the Israelis will continue to build their Greater Israel.

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Lorne said...

Israel now has a much better chance of working towards a lasting peaceful solution than the country had back in the 1990’s because of Arafat’s refusal to make even a minor concession to finally bring peace to the region. Anyway, I think a series of incentives and packages is not the best way to reach an agreement.