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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


In a sign of desperation the neoconservatives have created their latest committee, the ‘Emergency Committee for Israel’, complete with its own website, which has been set up to counter growing anti-Zionist public opinion.

The tide of public opinion began to turn against the Israelis back in July and August of 2006 when Israel launched its attack against the people of Lebanon. Public opinion against the Israelis then strengthened further when Israel launched its murderous attack against the women and children of the beleaguered Gaza Strip. The Flotilla Massacre at the end of May of this year has brought public opinion against Israel to a tipping point that the neoconservatives, together with their Evangelical Christian Zionist supporters, can no longer tolerate.

The ‘Emergency Committee for Israel’ has been set by well-known neoconservatives William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, Gary Bauer, a Christian conservative and former Republican presidential candidate who now heads up a neocon/Christian Zionist front group called ‘American Values’, and Rachel Abrams, wife of former Assistant Secretary of State Elliot Abrams and daughter of neoconservative writer Midge Decter and step-daughter of neocon founding father Norman Podhoretz who is married to Midge Decter. (Talk about keeping it in the family!) Neocon Michael Goldfarb, also with the Weekly Standard and an ex-John McCain aide, is an advisor to the new group.

The ‘who we are’ blurb at their website is telling:

The Emergency Committee for Israel is committed to mounting an active defense of the US-Israel relationship by educating the public about the positions of political candidates on this important issue, and by keeping the public informed of the latest developments in both countries. Join us to help support Israel and her many friends here in the United States.

They concede now that they are on the defensive. The US-Israel relationship – at least as far as public opinion is concerned – is in tatters. Orthodox Jews in the US have demonstrated against Zionism and shown their support for the Palestinian people especially during the Israeli onslaught against the Gazan people in 2008/09. Workers unions are boycotting the unloading and servicing of Israeli ships in US ports. Also as a result of the 08/09 Gazan onslaught Americans have called for the academic and cultural boycott of Israel.

A growing majority of Americans also oppose Israeli settlement building in the West Bank. In Britain, the US, and around the world, public opinion demands the lifting of the Gaza blockade and has condemned the Flotilla Massacre.

The neoconservatives are beginning to get nervous about the future of Israel. The push toward a one state binational solution is mounting. The neocons know that a one state binational solution will spell the end of Zionism and their dreams of a Greater Israel. It is why the neoconservatives and their allies are pushing for the final confrontation against Iran. They know that that is now their only salvation.

For the neoconservatives it really is an emergency for Israel. Israel is close to the beginning of the end of itself. Palestine can be renewed and a state created in which Jews and Palestinians alike can live together as equals in a single state where all are free and with he same rights as each other.


Anonymous said...

I support a no state solution. I suggest that all Zionists relocate to Ju-piter. A planet with no people, for a people with no planet.

Anonymous said...

There are no 'neocons' only zionists

Anonymous said...

Much interesting debate here to and fro.
There is merit in the arguments proffered by a correspondant on the 'broken' nature of the U.S and Israeli war machines, economies and reputation.

Factors which others perceive objectively and people here in Australia, already jittery about the dubious nature of the Americans ( my UK mates agree with the Aussie soldiers about the yanks in Afghanistan- all a load of rubbish and looked at with derision, meaning that the game is up), are likely to be non plussed at a new war started by these 'Sontarans'.

I have two questions perhaps someone could answer.

1. The Iranian scientist kidnapped/tried to defect issue.
What is the truth?.

2. I've been reacquainting myself with the Russian 'Sunburn' anti ship missile, in Iran's arsenal (they say).
Does the U.S navy yet have a viable defence against a volley of these things fired off against an aircraft carrier group and would the yanks withdraw defeated if they lost a carrier or more?.
An American 'Suez' moment showing its all over?.

Thanks all for interesting ideas I've been reading here.

your mate,

Nylon Shirt

David G. said...

What has happened in Israel over six decades demonstrates clearly how religion deranges humans. The more the fanaticism, the greater the derangement.

America is also deranged, in part by religion, in part by extreme nationalism. It believes it should run the world and it is well advanced in this objective.

Both these deranged countries are nuclear armed. Both won't hesitate to use them. All they need is an excuse. Some say they don't even need that.

Both these deranged countries can't see that there will be no winners in a nuclear war. Such is their insanity.

Ohm51 said...

So far it seems that the Emergency Committee for Israel is launching a fairly lazy website ... under elections analysis they have highlighted only one race ... Pat Toumy v Joe Sestak for Pensylvania Senate and the website doesn't have a thing to say about either candidate ... just lists their names.

Their ostensible purpose is to influence the American electoral process based on whether a candidate will strengthen the US Israeli alliance ... the whole concept on the face of it, is subversive to what an American election should really be all about ... how a potential candidate will be of benefit to American citizens and their interests ... not judged on their subservience to foreign entities and their interests.

I cannot wait for the day when the American public will disavow the concept of the 'unbreakable bond' of the US Israeli relationship ... our friendship and our favors should not be doled out so cheaply as to infer that Israel might just do as it pleases without any concern for US interests ... quite the opposite, we should make it clear that our support for Israel is entirely conditional on their conduct ... that it has limits, consequences, and costs.