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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Vice-President Joe Biden is expected to visit Israel within the next week or so close on the heels of US military chief Michael Mullen’s recent visit. According to at least one report, Biden will be putting pressure on Israel to hold off on attacking Iran unilaterally.

This is pure nonsense. The reality is this: Israel is in no position to unilaterally attack Iran. Any attack on Iran by Israel can only be accomplished with the full connivance of the US. There is no way that Israel is able to muster its forces, collect the military jet fuel, obtain the appropriate bunker-buster bombs, fly the distance to the targets in Iran from Israel, gain the intelligence they need for such a mission, and, at the same time, prepare and cope with the retaliation expected from Hezbollah and Hamas without the Americans knowing about it. Furthermore, since the aim of attacking Iran is to bring Iran to its knees in order to effect regime change, merely bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities is going to do nothing achieve regime change. Having stirred the Iranian hornets nest, the Israelis will need to also attack Iran’s defence and governmental institutions and destroy them. It can only do that by using nuclear weapons.

Israel may argue that the use of tactical nuclear weapons is justified, but one should be aware that there really is no such thing as a ‘tactical nuclear weapon’. A nuclear weapon is a nuclear weapon. The ‘tactical’ label is there only to excuse or justify its use.

If Israel launches what it tells the world is a unilateral pre-emptive strike, one can rest assured that it is not at all ‘unilateral’ and will have the full and complete support of the Obama administration. Israel may well make the first strike in order to maintain the illusion that such a strike is, indeed, unilateral but the US will be there to back up the Israeli first strike with secondary strikes very soon after.

The façade of the ‘unilateral Israeli attack on Iran’ is designed to deflect American and world public opinion that would likely object to another war in the Middle East if such a war was being openly prepared as it was prior to the attack on Iraq which saw millions of people world wide out on the streets protesting. The Western allies cannot afford a repeat of such demonstrations.

The attack against Iran is likely to be sparked by the Israelis as they make the first strike. The US will then follow up as if appearing to have no choice but to protect its Middle East partner.
The world is being conned – again.

1 comment:

David G said...

If Israel nukes Iran, America will be an accomplice, no doubt. America and Israel are thick as thieves.

They are like conjoined twins except one is small and cocky while the other is strong and stupid! Both of them love killing.

Neither of them deserve to exist!