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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Last Monday, George Monbiot, writer and commentator with the UKs Guardian newspaper, launched a website called which intends to raise money for a bounty to be paid to any one who attempts a citizen’s arrest of former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

So far, the appeal has raised some £8,830.00 in just a few days with Monbiot himself kicking it off with a donation of £100. Any one attempting a bona fide citizen’s arrest, successful or otherwise, will be entitled to one quarter of the kitty as it stood at the time of the arrest and providing the arrest is reported in a bona fide news reporting service and also providing no one is hurt in the process of the arrest – including Blair. All the details are available at Monbiot’s site.

Already the right-wing media blogs, especially the Murdoch press, are inadvertently promoting Monbiot’s venture. With a certain degree of irony, one of Murdoch’s most outrageous propagandists, Tim Blair of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, has already written a column in his extreme right-wing opinion blog which provides a link directly to Monbiot’s site together with commentary of what it’s all about. Of course, while Tim Blair is attempting to ridicule rather than promote Monbiot’s endeavours in the delusional belief that all of those that visit Tim Blair’s blog are actually supporters of his right-wing garbage, he has actually done Monbiot a great favour since the vast majority of visitors to Tim Blair’s site go there merely to be entertained by his coterie of bloggies with their disgraceful racial slurs and blatant over the top extreme right-wing nonsense.

Monbiot has put his money where his mouth is and deserves all the support he can get. While Monbiot has no illusions about how successful any arrest is likely to be, he at least is bringing to the attention of the world the crimes that Tony Blair has committed and ensuring that Tony Blair will not be able to rest easily ever again until he has answered for his crimes.
Well done George Monbiot and all those that support him – including those like the ridiculous Tim Blair in Australia who, while he doesn’t realise it, is also doing his bit to ensure Monbiot’s cause is heard about!


In an interesting but probably predictable development, PayPal, the world-wide money shifting facilitator company founded by neoconservative Peter Thiel, has decided to withdraw its services to George Monbiot’s site. Fortunately, Monbiot has set up alternative facilities for people to donate through.