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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Or if a rich Jewish-American bought land in, say, South Australia and then invited Australian Jews to come and build their homes on that land, would they then be entitled to say that the parcel of land that the new Jewish community has established itself on now comes under the governance of, and subject to, the laws of the state of Israel?

Is that a resounding ‘NO’?! Is such a notion too ridiculous to even consider? Because, if it is, why then do we accept Jewish-Americans being able to buy land in Palestine and East Jerusalem who then invite Jews – and only Jews – to come and build their homes on that land thus establishing a Jewish community and then accept that the community and the land that it’s on then falls under the governance of Israel?

Yet, for some reason, the world accepts without question that it is OK for Israelis to just move into pockets of land in Palestine and then claim it as Israeli territory subject to Israeli law.

Its one thing for a Jewish community to want to maintain its heritage, rites and customs in a small enclave within another nation but it’s quite another matter if that community then decides that the land it is living on should become part of the sovereign state of Israel simply because they don’t like the laws of the people that they are surrounded by.

Where will it end?


Alan Cabal said...

It would be instructive to all mankind if the nations hosting Jews were to enact laws restricting those Jews in exactly the ways in which Palestinians are restricted in Israel, the Jewish state.

Damian Lataan said...

Instructive, yes; but also, perhaps, self defeating inasmuch that to do that would mean becoming as self-righteous as those that feel they can move to anyones nation and call the bit they move on to part of some other nation that is their preference.

I personally don't have a problem with anyone on this planet moving to wherever they want to live even if it is not the place of their birth but, in choosing to do so, one needs to respect the laws and customs of those that were born there and if you want to then change the laws then you do so collectively. In other words, you need to persuade the majority around you that the laws you advocate are better. If you can't manage to do that then... tough; you either live with it or you move on.

But what one shouldn't do is move into someone elses country and just unilaterally change the laws to suit the laws and customs of another nation and, worse, forcibly exclude the original peoples from the lands.

If Jews want to live in Palestine then they must accept the laws and customs of the Palestinian people. It's as simple as that. Works most places, not perfectly and not entirely without friction I'll concede, but generally it works.

Except, of course, in Palestine!

Anonymous said...

Where will it end u ask?

Osama has already promised that even if the mujahideen have to crawl on hands & feet they will remove the stain and pain of jewish oppression from every grain of sand in Palestine.

Hurry, Osama, hurry.

Daniel said...

Indeed, the Jews have forgotten the old Biblical saying that: you reap what you sow!

They will. In spades!

youworshipus said...

Laws restricting Jews..hmmm..i think you already tried that one in the last century...didn't go too well for your nazzi scum brothers...or for your russian Jew-hating buddies...lololol...don't pray to a dead Jew...good for you....I guess that means you worship Jews..lololol...way to go, brainiac.