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Saturday, November 17, 2007


Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Majalli Whbee, has told AFP that the latest IAEA report “…fails to expose (Iranian President Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad's intentions that are well known to the IAEA and its chief Mohamed ElBaradei". The ultra right-wing Zionist racist, Minister of Strategic Affairs Avigdor Lieberman, even accuses ElBaradei of being pro-Iranian.

The Israelis have been complaining for years that Iran has been developing nuclear weapons and over the past few years since the invasion of Iraq they and their neoconservative supporters in the Bush administration have been pushing the US to attack Iran in order to prevent nuclear weapons being produced. As we know, however, Israel has ulterior motives for wanting Iran attacked. It has nothing to with Iran’s so-called pursuit of nuclear weapons and a lot more to do with Israel wanting regime change in Iran so that Irans support for Israel’s direct enemies, Hizbollah who are preventing Israel from pushing northward into south Lebanon, and Hamas who are resisting Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, who are standing in the way of the Israeli Zionists creating their dream of a Greater Israel. The Israelis believe that once Iran has been ‘turned’ then Hizbollah and Hamas resistance will crumble. They believe that Syria, heavily reliant on Iranian support, will also be unable to support Hizbollah and Hamas.

The problem, however, despite Israel’s persistent cry of ‘Wolf!’, is that they are as good as calling the IAEA chief, Mohamed ElBaradei, a liar but in doing so, are hoping that nobody actually notices that the Israelis don’t have one iota of proof to support their claims. They say that they know that ElBaradei knows Iran has a weapons program and that ElBaradei is holding out on UN about it.

This, of course is complete nonsense. Apart, perhaps, from the Russian technicians that are working on Iran’s nuclear energy program, there is no one better placed than ElBaradei to know whether or not Iran actually has a facility to enrich uranium to the kind of purities need to build a nuclear weapon. Israel says it knows better. They say that Iran is attempting to build nuclear weapons.

Now, if the Israelis are so sure that the Iranians are trying to build nuclear weapons then surely they would have proof of this. If they have, then why wait for ElBaradei to come up with the evidence? Why not produce the evidence themselves if they claim that they know for sure that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons? How do they know for sure?

The bottom line is: WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE?
The answer, as the entire world knows, there simply isn’t any. Every accusation is based on hearsay and perpetuated by propaganda and rhetoric. Not a skerrick of any of the accusations are supported in any way whatsoever by hard evidence.

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