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Monday, October 30, 2006


Does anyone remember the worldwide furore that was created when, in 1954, Pope Pius XII said: “How many young girls there are who see nothing wrong in following certain shameless styles like so many sheep. They would certainly blush with shame if they could know the impression they make, and the feelings they evoke, in those who see them.”[1]

No? That’s because there wasn’t one.

And what about the outrage across the Western world that was caused by Mary Anne Moresco when she wrote in The Catholic Exchange: “The damage immodest dress does to the purity of a young girl’s soul is like the damage cigarettes do to a human lung: Very slowly, over time, it is left dark and malfunctioning.[2]

You don’t recall the outrage? Again, that’s because there wasn’t one.

So, one needs to ask, why has the Australian Islamic cleric Taj Din al-Hilali’s outburst about the way women dress hogged the headlines in Australia and, indeed, around much of the Western world for the last couple of days?

Could it have something to do with the fact that he is a Muslim? Could it have something to do with the fact that he is the most senior Muslim in a John Howard-dominated anti-Muslim Australia who has riled the West with his pro-Islamic comments, particularly with regards to the struggles of the Iraqi and Afghan peoples against the Western invaders?

Australia’s Prime Minister, John Howard, has very skilfully as good as personally promoted further persecution and discrimination against Islam when he said in response to al-Hilali’s remarks: “What should happen and I’ll say it again, is that the Islamic community has got to take this matter in hand themselves, and if they don’t then there is the risk that people will use their failure to do so against them, however unfairly, and I really am asking the Islamic community to come up to the crease and handle this matter themselves.”[3] Otherwise – what, John Howard?

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[2] Mary Anne Moresco, ‘Where Has Modesty Gone?’, The Catholic Exchange, 7 December 2005. Available online: Accessed 30 October 2006.
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Unknown said...

Excellent point. The neoconservative campaign against Islam is reaching frightening proportions.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy of this guy ( Howard) has no end. Let me make two points on this.
Howard's career is noted for his unwillingness to answer a so called hypothetical question on his policies, yet in this case he is even willing to speculate on what others may do and say, and even think.
Secondly and even more damning for him is his reaction to the Governor General Hollingworth when he made a statement on national TV justifying and being critical of a young girl and siding with the clergyman involved.
Now let's see what did Howard do - censure the GG he had appointed - No.
At the time Howard did nothing, ultimately Hollingworth resigned, but he still had Howard's public support - nuff said.

JoanBasil said...

Hi! writing from New Jersey USA. Bill Maher's HBO show did a segment on Jack Straw's policy of not allowing constituents to come to his office if they were wearing Burqas or other covered-up Muslim clothing. The participants on the show were Maher; Danielle Pletka of the neocon American Enterprise Institute; ultra-immigrant basher Lou Dobbs of CNN; and actor Ben Affleck, the only one who had a problem with Straw's policy but not well thought out.

Yes, the Roman Catholic Church is a good example. Roman Catholic nuns still wear "habits" as restrictive as any burqa. I kept wishing Ben Affleck would say something like, "Would you require that the Catholic church stop having the nuns wear those voluminous habits?" Theres a convent on the end of the street I live on and nuns from all over the Northeast US come there for retreats so we see them all the time taking walks. Some orders of nuns still wear those very heavy habits and they wear them all year long. I see them in the hottest months of summer. They also have these tight bands around their faces that make their faces look like fat red flesh popping out.

But thats their right and actually, if I was forced to choose, I'd wear that rather than the slut style clothes with the ass crack (and slut tattoo over the coccyx) and the belly exposed down to the pubic hair. Looks horrible. I was in Rome last year and I was happy to see that women and girls dressed like that weren't being allowed into St. Peters. And they were so surprised not to be let in. 30 years ago you couldn't go in without a hat and today people think they should be allowed in practically naked.