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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer must have touched a raw nerve with their paper ‘The Israel Lobby’ judging by the amount of totally predictable garbage coming from the neoconservative Zionist’s response to the paper.

The Australian published a couple of extracts of pieces from two of Israel/America’s leading neoconservative writers. The liar Eliot Cohen insists that both Walt and Mearsheimer are anti-Semitic and the demented Michael Ledeen insists that the universities Walt and Mearsheimer work at should be punished! Cohen’s piece appears in the Washington Post while Ledeen writes in the National Review Online. The irony is that both of these writers are themselves part of the very ‘Israeli Lobby’ that they say is a figment of Walt and Mearsheimer’s imagination thus foisting themselves by their own petard! I mean, how many writers representing lobbies have this kind of access to the mainstream international press to push their cause? Does it not prove Walt and Mearsheimer’s point?

The Israeli Lobby very much exists; indeed, many of the members of the Israeli Lobby are cross connected. The same names keep turning up in the myriad of different organisations and publications that go to make up and represent the Israeli Lobby from the American Enterprise Institute to the Project for the New American Century to the Foundation for the Defence of Democracies to the Centre for Security Policy to the writers at Commentary magazine and the editors of the Weekly Standard to the ex-Office of Special Plans at the Defence Department. Same old names, same old faces – mostly Jewish-American neoconservatives and their gentile fundamentalist Christian and assorted corporatist cohorts.

The more they deny the more they prove the point!

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