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Thursday, January 12, 2006


I’m compelled to make mention of several commentators that gather at Webdiary that are apologists for extreme right-wing Israeli politics. With varying degrees of intellectual prowess and articulation ability some of these pro-Zionist fanatics, Mike Iyvers for example, delight in accusing those that disagree with Israel’s expansionism and aggression against the Palestinian peoples as anti-Semite. Others, like the deceitful self-proclaimed academic Will Howard, well-practiced in his art of propagating deception, simply try to hoodwink Webdiarists by presenting documents and reports about Iranian so-called nuclear weapons ambitions that he claims are ‘non-partisan’ when in fact they are produced by retired ex-Israeli Defence Force generals-turned-‘academics’, many of whom have ties with Israeli intelligence and with American neoconservative think-tank organisations. Some of these, in turn, were up to there necks in the generation of the lies that were used to invade, occupy and plunder Iraq when, prior to the invasion, they made repeated visits to the Pentagon for meetings with neoconservative staffers of the Office of Special Plans.

There are others but generally they comprise simply of lunatic ignoramuses like the ridiculous warmongering liar C. Parsons and the foul-mouthed fascist Jay White. Jay White is easily dealt with what with his lack of intellectual capacity, general ignorance of history and inability to write coherently which usually sees him being foisted by his own words, much of which can usually be ignored. Jay White enjoys launching himself into any subject on offer and invariably is able to make a complete idiot of himself without any response being required from other Webdiarists.

In the main, Parsons and White are simply harmless and deluded right-wingers that enjoy the sight of their own words and who seem to have nothing better to do than sit at their keyboards all day trying to pick holes in the constructive opinions and commentary that the Left are able to discuss at Webdiary. However, the offerings of the likes of Will Howard should be considered with great care. His fanaticism is subtle and he is clearly practised in the art of deception.

Mike Iyvers is also a pro-Israeli fanatic but he is far less subtle than Howard. He is however, dangerously obsessed with the delusion that all that are anti right-wing Israel are racist anti-Semites.

Webdiarists and Webdiary readers should be aware.