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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Part of the paranoia that is associated with so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ is the refusal to believe that any government, particularly a supposedly ‘democratic’ one, could actually do the things that are claimed. To even contemplate it means taking a step outside of their safety zone. They feel, as Jay White said, uncomfortable. The mind of most people can only be opened up just so much but beyond that it shuts down with a refusal to see any thing that might disturb their image of perceived reality.

An example. The idea that the US government could have had anything to do with 9/11 is absolutely mind boggling for most people. If it were found to be true a lot of people’s entire concepts about the very nature of man’s existence would be thrown into disarray. The whole structure upon which entire government systems are founded would be called into question. Can you imagine how the American people or, indeed, the entire world, would react if it were found that 9/11 was planned and carried out by elements of the government? Just close your eyes and imagine.


Yet there was a time when elements of an American government planned just that sort event in order to start a war.

No doubt many Webdiarists are familiar with Operation Northwoods of the JFK era. For those of you not familiar with it go here .To view the original government documents relating to the plan go here.

This is the first hurdle that one must get over if one is to even begin opening one’s mind – the fact that at least the government is capable of thinking about such atrocities.

Digest this lot and then we can move on a bit further.