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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Neocons and conservatives throughout the West have made much of the numbers of dead in the Syrian civil war as they tell us loudly and often that figures are rising rapidly as a result of al-Assad’s brutal war against his own people; some 70,000 dead after two years of fighting is about the latest number being quoted with more than three-quarters of that number having been killed in the last year alone as the war escalated. That’s more than 50,000 killed in one year alone. These are terrible numbers indeed.

One can only imagine how many died in the even more vicious conflict that was the Iraq War. Yet, if we were to believe the Western allies propaganda about the casualties of the Iraq War which has been going on for nigh on ten years, we are asked to accept numbers of only around 120,000 dead. And when the UK medical journal Lancet came up with a figure of more than 600,000 dead, the Western world’s right-wing decried the figures as baseless even implying that the long-respected medical journal had some kind of left-wing agenda in publishing these figures.

War dead and war dead numbers have always been used for propaganda purposes but in this day and age of almost instant communication it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pull the wool over people’s eyes. Today we are bombarded daily with pictures of the dead. Does it make any difference if they’re ‘our’ dead or ‘their’ dead? Just one dead is one dead too many.

If the numbers for the Syrian war are correct then we need to seriously reconsider the numbers for the Iraq war; they’re clearly just the propagandist’s numbers. Going pro-rata on the Syrian numbers, the Lancet numbers for Iraq are probably about right.

We also need to think seriously about the dead themselves in terms of the horror rather than their usefulness for propaganda.


brian said...

/'Neocons and conservatives throughout the West have made much of the numbers of dead in the Syrian civil war as they tell us loudly and often that figures are rising rapidly as a result of al-Assad’s brutal war against his own people; '

lets stop there/theres no civil war nor is president Assad attacking his own people. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for being as deluded as the jihadis by tbe media jingoism:

1 this jihadi has grown wise:Interview Tunisian Jihadists in Syria: We Were Lied to by MSM :
2. if Assad were killig syrians ib great numbers we;d not see this:
or this

Most Syrians back President Assad, but you'd never know from western media
Assad's popularity, Arab League observers, US military involvement: all distorted in the west's propaganda war
3. Meet those you seem to be supporting
organ trafficking #syria has western support

Syrians do NOT support the FSA which sources its jihadis from everywhere except syria


brian said...

also consider that theres no civil war in syria:
Lakhdar Ibrahimi has recently admitted there are tens of thousands of foreign Jihadi mercenaries fighting in...

Damian Lataan said...

Brian, Bashir al-Assad is a brutal dictator. The opposition are just as brutal. The Syrian people – ordinary people that just want to get on with their lives – are between the devil and the deep blue sea. It’s not a matter of who supports who in this war but, rather, a matter of supporting the devil you know rather than don’t know and hoping that neither side actually ‘wins’ and that any change will end up being for the better.

Civil wars tend to be particularly bloody affairs with hatreds on both sides rapidly reaching boiling point. The killings become personal and atrocities more frequent on both sides. Sides become ideologically extreme as young men from all over the world rush to join the fight. It remains, however, a ‘civil war’ just as the Spanish Civil War was despite the influx of foreign fighters wanting to join the International Brigades on the Republican side and the foreign fighters that fought on the Nationalist side and not to mention the Germans and Italians that supported the Nationalists and the USSR that supported the Republicans. The Syrian Civil War is no different. Shia Muslims are rushing to fight for al-Assad while Sunnis are joining the fight on the rebel’s side. The only real difference this time around is that the world’s governments are happy to feed both sides with just enough wherewithal to carry on the fight while they sit on the sidelines watching Muslims slaughter each other.

The war is being fed by the West and their allies as they wait for an opportunity to ‘intervene’. Israel and the US, together with their Western allies, are clearly manipulating the war in order to bring about a wider war that will provide them with a casus belli to attack Iran and for Israel to invade Lebanon (again). That’s their idea of ‘intervention’. It’s just another excuse to trigger some kind of final confrontation that allows the Israelis to chase their dream of a Greater Israel.

Israel and the US are not interested in either side winning; both are bad news for them. If the al-Assad regime suddenly collapsed the Israelis would be in bigger strife than if al-Assad remained in charge; yet the Israelis and the US continue to ‘support’ the side that’s most likely going to give them more strife. Why?

It’s the Syrian people that need your support; not one side or the other.

brian said...

'It’s the Syrian people that need your support; not one side or the other.'

the syrian people dont need the help of those who attack their govt and army, for they are only aiding USrael and the islamic terrorists

Damian Lataan said...

Both sides are as bad as each other, Brian. The Syrian people who are caught in the middle are bearing the brunt of this war.

The fact is Assad is a dictator and the rebels and jihadists are as brutal as he is. It's also a fact that the US and Israel are using the war to shove their own agenda which is to get a regional war going against Hezbollah, Iran and Hamas. They couldn't care less about Syria one way or the other.

Don't let polemics get in the way of reality.