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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


While Israeli politicians deny that Israelis are racist, it seems that Israelis themselves concede that they are indeed racist and are happy about practicing apartheid and keeping Palestinians from any form of power in the Israeli state even if (or rather, when) Israel annexes the West Bank to become a part of Israel.

The latest poll of Israelis reveals the true nature of Israeli Zionism and their desire to keep themselves separate from Arab peoples even in the event of the West Bank being annexed to Israel.

Interestingly, the poll, just by discussing the possibility of annexation of the West Bank, demonstrates the extent to which Israelis believe that such an event might become inevitable. However, just as interestingly, the poll didn’t dare mention the possibility of annexing the Gaza Strip or ask how Israelis thought about that prospect. Perhaps the pollsters didn’t think the Israeli people were quite ready for that just yet – which infers that they think the Israeli people are quite happy with the idea of annexing the West Bank.

Once the West Bank is swallowed up to become part of Israel, it will only be a matter time before the Gaza Strip goes the same way.

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