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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Retired Marine General James Jones, National Security Advisor to President Obama, seems to be deliberately encouraging Israel to use any attack against them by Hezbollah and/or Hamas as a casus belli to attack Iran.

Jones is cited as saying that Iran is likely to ‘lash’ out at Israel using what he termed as Iran’s ‘surrogates’, the Hezbollah and Hamas organisations in Lebanon and the Gaza respectively, saying that such attacks against Israel would be in response to increased pressure on Iran over its so-called nuclear weapons program.

This is tantamount to an open invitation to Israel to use any Hezbollah or Hamas action against Israel as an excuse to attack Iran. All that’s needed is either enough provocation from Israel against Hamas and Hezbollah to induce a response, or, if Hezbollah and Hamas resist and ignore any provocation, then a false flag attack against Israel by Mossad operatives or their Palestinian agents provocateurs in the Gaza or other agents in Lebanon, to provide the casus belli to attack Iran.

A statement such as this from a very senior Obama advisor indicates that the US is prepared to back Israel in any attack it launches against Iran in response to attacks, or apparent attacks, against Israel from Hezbollah and/or Hamas.

Such remarks from the Obama administration, coupled with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s remarks yesterday about China ‘risking isolation’ by not jumping on the West’s bandwagon for sanctions against Iran, have significantly upped the ante in the likelihood of an attack against Iran by Israel and the US.

Recent reports of Israeli military manoeuvres in northern Israel close to the Lebanese border together with increased Israeli military jet, helicopter and drone incursions into Lebanese airspace also tends to confirm suspicions about Israel’s intentions despite their recent denials.

The prospect of war between Israel together with their allies against Iran has run hot and cold many times before but these latest developments are the hottest it’s got yet. China is unlikely to be put off by Clinton’s remarks which mean sanctions via the UN simply will not happen. And Iran, having not been in the slightest bit intimidated in the past over the threat of sanctions, is hardly likely to back off this time around.

The Obama administration has effectively opened the door for Israel to attack Iran. All Israel needs is a viable excuse. If Hezbollah or Hamas don’t provide one, then Mossad are likely to provide one for them.

I hope, as usual, that I’m wrong.


Brewerstroupe said...

Thoroughly perverse these Hezbollah and Hamas.
Iran goes to the trouble of equipping them as "proxies" with masses of sophisticated weapons (I know its true, it was in the paper) yet Hezbollah stick to their WWII era Katyushas and Hamas their homemade pipe rockets!

Interesting statistic:
The death toll in the U.S. from domestic fireworks is eight times the death toll in Israel from all rockets.

Regards to you.

David G. said...

Strong ties are developing between Iran, Russia and China. The U.S. could well try to take Iran out of this equation using Israel's security as a pretext.

The U.S., bankrupt but convinced that it can and should control the world, might be willing to throw this dice and hope that it doesn't backfire.

It will backfire, of course. Even Blind Freddie can see this. Why can't America?

james said...

David G wrote, "It will backfire, of course. Even Blind Freddie can see this. Why can't America?
The same way drug and alcohol addicts can't see they are destroying themselves when it is apparent to all around them. The addicts think they are in control. It's the pathology of power; the pathology of addiction. They are all quite mad in other words. Seriously deluded.