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Monday, July 06, 2009


With the failure of the Western powers to foment a popular uprising after the 12 June elections in Iran that they hoped would lead to regime change, the West has now had to return to the ‘Iran has nuclear weapons’ meme in order to pave the way for an attack against Iran in the hope that regime change can be affected that way.

In an interview on Sunday, Vice-President Joe Biden, when asked, “…if the Israelis decide Iran is an existential threat, they have to take out the nuclear program, militarily the United States will not stand in the way?” responded saying: “Look, we cannot dictate to another sovereign nation what they can and cannot do when they make a determination, if they make a determination that they're existentially threatened and their survival is threatened by another country.”

Biden was then asked: “You say we can't dictate, but we can, if we choose to, deny over-flight rights here in Iraq. We can stand in the way of a military strike”, to which he responded, “I'm not going to speculate… on those issues, other than to say Israel has a right to determine what's in its interests, and we have a right and we will determine what's in our interests.”

Yesterday (5 July) ‘Timesonline’ reported that the Saudis had made it clear to Meir Dagan, Israel’s Mossad chief, that they would not object to Israeli overflights if they were on their way to targets in Iran. While a flight to Iran from Israel via Saudi Arabia would be much longer that a direct flight to Iran overflying Jordan and Iraq, a flight via Saudi Arabia would not require permission from any other country; not even the US to fly over Iraq. And if the Israelis can get permission from the Saudis to have support aircraft in the air in Saudi airspace to refuel the Israeli strike aircraft over, say, the Persian Gulf, then an Israeli strike against Iran is feasible.

It’s interesting that the report about the Saudi’s giving clearance for overflights to attack Iran were quickly denied by Netanyahu’s office. Clearly, the Israelis are anxious to bury this information though, one suspects, that it is now too late and the Iranians will now have their spies in Saudi Arabia scanning the skies and radio bands for high flying aircraft heading west to east across Saudi Arabia toward the Persian Gulf.

It may well be that Israel could be keen to take advantage of the unrest that has recently unsettled Iran but now seems to have died down. A strike now, they may feel, might just reignite the embers of insurrection that still glow especially if there was also a strike against Iran’s security forces and it’s military.

Even if Israel did strike against Iran via Saudi skies, Israel would still need to rely on the US for support. The fuel required for the mission would need to be supplied by the US as would most of the munitions. US forces would also need to be on standby ready to prevent any Iranian retaliatory strikes against Israel and the US. Israel would also need to have its troops on standby at home in preparedness for retaliatory attacks from both Hezbollah and Hamas.

For Israel, a Hamas and Hezbollah strike against them would be what they want. It would provide the casus belli for Israel to invade both the Gaza Strip and south Lebanon – perhaps all of Lebanon – knowing that the Iranians would not be in a position to help them. And with Iran out of the equation, Syria would not dare move against Israel.

With the failure of the post-election Iranian revolution, Israel will now resort to its old rhetoric of ‘Iran has a nuclear weapons program’ to try again to get public opinion onside for when they launch their attack against Iran to effect regime change. With the US now clearly not standing in the way and the Saudis prepared to let the US off the hook with regard to being seen by the world as facilitating an Israeli attack by allowing the Israelis to overfly Iraq despite all the talk of pursuing a “diplomatic solution”, everything seems in place for the Israelis to feel free to attack Iran when ever they feel they are ready.

The prospect of a final confrontation between Israel and Iran is now off the back burner and back on to the front burner. The problem is, If and when it happens, it won’t be a simple make or break fight for Israel or Iran; the repercussions will reverberate around the world for years to come.



orana gelar said...

Biden says: "...Israel has a right to determine what's in its interests ..."

The truth: No State, not Israel nor any other, has a right to attack another State.

Biden seems to have forgotten UN Declaration Article 39

"The Security Council shall determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression and shall make recommendations, or decide what measures shall be taken in accordance with Articles 41 and 42, to maintain or restore international peace and security."

Anonymous said...

It's Hamas-Iran-Hezbollah-Syria ... versus ... Egypt-Jordan-Saudi-Gulf States

Damian Lataan said...

Actually it's Hamas-Iran-Hezbollah-Syria ... versus ... the governments of Egypt-Jordan-Saudi-Gulf States. The peoples of Egypt-Jordan-Saudi and the Gulf States, better known as the Arab street, are with Hamas-Iran-Hezbollah-Syria
and the Palestinian people.

Anonymous said...

That's right it is H-I-H-S vs. a few rogue Regimes from a by gone era, the real war will move to the streets.

IDHolm said...

I think it's the USraeli *rogue regime(s)* vs. the world; the UN is *not* what it was represented as, and it was the UN that unleashed the Zionist dogs onto poor, hapless Palestine in the first place. The single most important function of the UN, i.e. *preventing* all war was never 'allowed' to function - thanks mainly to the US. In addition, they (the UN) never had any right to 'gift' any privately or publicly owned land in Palestine to anybody.

What I find distinctly peculiar is that no one effectively resists the USraeli rogue regime(s); just why is that? France? Germany? Are there no truly 'honest brokers?' Are the rest of the people everywhere merely/totally thoughtless sheople, or are the so-called 'leaders' everywhere coerced, cowards - or actual, criminal helpers - by the accessory mechanism equally guilty?

It is continually pointed out and often actively demonstrated - by peaceful people marching the streets, that no one wants war. All war is a crime; it always takes someone to start it - essentially all invaders are illegal. Leaders are supposed to represent us; it is in no one's interest to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, now Pakistan and "All options!" threatened at Iran etc. - apart from a few warmongering beneficiaries, mainly USraeli corporations and armaments companies. Meanwhile, the greenhouse climate catastrophe rages ever wilder, ever closer, ever more unavoidable. Sooo, what gives?

Anonymous said...

Hippocracy at its best, the US vice president claiming Israel has a right to act on any threat to its nation, but Iran to act on the threat of Isreal on Iran, they condemn it and call the Iranians terrorist?

What is in Irans best interest is to possess a nuclear deterrent, just like every western power has, Israel has and by right Iran should be allowed to have to keep their soverign nation, just that, their soverign nation, not some zionist controlled cash cow.

Also anyone notice how they conveniently killed off Michael Jackson soon after their failed coupe in Iran? Divert the world from their failure and lies by killing a great campainger for peace and equality for every one! Not to mention he was a recent convert to Islam, kill him before he began to let his fans know how great it is to be muslim? I pray to god his children be saved from his evil family and let to live in peace with their biological mother!

IDHolm said...

just whose fault is it (Israel)

 .. in response to DL @ ICH[1]

   .. (Well done & g'day Damian!)


From the day IL was born
 It was trouble.
 It was the thorn
 In the world's side.
 The world tried in vain
  ... but IL never caused all nothing but shame
[After The Rocky Horror Picture Show]


From my previous of 10:47 AM, Israel simply should not exist, since no authority on Earth could claim the legal right to dispossess the hapless Palestinians as was done in 1947/48 by the then new UN. It was done - but they had no right to do it; it was, if anything, an illegal deployment of force. Then, once 'in,' the Zionists went berserk, see Deir Yassin and similar, 61+ bloody years of horrifically brutal massacres.

Similarly, every square metre of Palestinian land stolen (mostly also by murdering force) since, is being illegally occupied, by the alien invading Zionists plus their immoral and irrational "G*d promised it to us!" hangers-on.

Something MLK said:

  «Without justice, there can be no peace.»

The only possible way to provide the illegally dispossessed Palestinians with justice is to reverse the original illegal act. There is no point in saying "Well, too bad: Israel exists get used to it," because (looping), there can never be peace without justice. Note here that I make an important distinction: although I maintain, as perfectly true by inspection, that Israel has *NO* right to exist, I mean no harm to individual Israelis; those guilty of murder and stealing should be gaoled, and any others should quietly fold their tents and return to whence they came. One hardly needs to be a genius to understand any of this, and the only thing that has enabled this monumentally vicious crime (i.e. the 'establishment' of Israel at the expense of the poor, innocent Palestinian people) - the only thing that has enabled this vicious crime to continue is the continuous camouflaging provided by the corrupt and venal MSM, including big bits of 'our' AusBC. Talk about shame!

But more: the corrupt and venal MSM with 'our' AusBC all up to their lying bottom lips in pro-Israel propaganda shit - could not themselves get away with their filthy lies - if it weren't for politicians - of basically all 'stripes,' and basically everywhere. Think every US president, think Aus PMs, think Sarkozy & Merkel. And now Biden, a 'heart-beat' away from being US president himself, 'green-lights' an invasion of Iran by Israel. All so-called 'democratic leaders,' all by their actions or absence of effective resistance supporting Israel - but not just, also supporting the illegal actions and threats made by every Israeli rogue regime from '47/8 to the present.

One of the few shiny examples of resistance to this filthy pro-Israeli propaganda is - ta ra! - Ahmadinejad from Iran.

Both the US and Israel continually threaten to attack Iran, using the now infamous "All options!" - phraseology which is deliberately designed to imply possible nukular.


I spoke of geniuses; see if any can draw the correct inference from the rest of the MLK quote:

  «He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.»



[1] «The Iranian "Revolution" has failed: So it's back to the ‘Iran has nuclear weapons’ meme in order to pave the way for an attack against Iran in the hope that regime change can be affected that way.» 

[cross posted]

Anonymous said...

FYI damian: Louis Proyect is making a big mistake in his defence of the colour revilution in iran:

and other posts
IIve added my comments to his posts and got some interesting if outrageous replies.


IDHolm said...

Bravo, Brian. I followed your link, and was suitably amused. After you were 'banned' from further comment, came a post I have termed 'pure gold,' and have copied it verbatim to here.

Anonymous said...


The Iranian regime is finished.

With two-thirds of their popualation under 30 yo, there is not long to go.

The last vestiges of this decrepit theocracy are at hand. They have 10 years, 20 at most, before the power of youth sweep them from their iron grip.

For now, they can't even stop the masses from screaming for fredom from their rooftops at night - a famous reminder of the last revolution - despite owning the day with batons and bullets.

But the clock has begun to tick on the regime. The cat is out of the bag.

Damian Lataan said...

Anonymous, the 'regime' is hardly finished; it's merely showing signs of needing to change. Unfortunately for the right-wing of the Western world, it's not quite the 'regime change' they had in mind. The fact is the Iranian people are looking for change in their domestic/economic policies but that doesn't mean they want to be like America, indeed, far from it.

The Iranians still regard Israel as an evil nation and will continue to support the Palestinian people, Hamas and Hezbollah.

The change the young people of Iran want is within. Their support for Iran's current foreign policy remains as is.

Yes, there'll be change; but it won't be the kind of change the right-wing of the West are hoping for. For that ther'll need to be a coup supported by the US and Isreal. If that happens then the young people will rally around the government, regardless of who it is, and you can kiss any idea of 'regime change' goodbye.

The theocracy is not what they young want to get rid of; that is here to stay for a long time to come yet.

Anonymous said...

Damian you underestimate the pull of Western culture, as imperialistic as it may seem.

And not just McDonald's, blue jeans and Coco-Cola, all of which already thrust deep into the desire of young ones around the globe.

The Ukraine is a great example.

They are status symbols for left-wing, liberal Western freedoms, which are valued far more than, in this case, scripture and religion.

The left-wing in Iran will, hopefully, have their day in joining progressives of the Western world.

Damian Lataan said...

Blue jeans, Big Macs and Coke does not a make a Westernised society; they are simply shared cultural icons of youth. The differences stop there.

The Ukraine is long way politically and culturally from Iran.

Don't make the mistake of thinking 'progressive in Iran' means support of Israel and the US; it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

'And not just McDonald's, blue jeans and Coco-Cola, all of which already thrust deep into the desire of young ones around the globe.'

very witty....'thrust'...but people wouldnt desire cocacola if they knew what was in it...

the point of advertising is to create needs by making shoddy goods sexy.

cocoa cola a cultural icon..the mind boggles...


IDHolm said...

criminal calculations (US vs. Iran)

 .. freedom for what ...

   .. heaven later ...

     .. or iPod now?


Preamble: Anyone thinking that the current US 'culture' is the end of the line; that "That's all there is," is a) presumed to be not open for argument, and b) apparently prepared to settle for *A LOT* less than even a very poor 2nd best.


  Janis Joplin Mercedes Benz

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a color TV?


Anonymous @ 5:06 PM ... underestimate the pull of Western culture ... McDonald's, blue jeans and Coco-Cola; and don't forget the rap music (spelt with a silent C.)


We can see what the US has wrought in Iraq:

Middle East
Jul 11, 2009
The US takes to the shadows in Iraq
By Michael Schwartz
  «Who owns Iraq?
In 2007, Alan Greenspan, former head of the Federal Reserve, told Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward that "taking Saddam out was essential" - a point he made in his book The Age of Turbulence - because the United States could not afford to be "beholden to potentially unfriendly sources of oil and gas" in Iraq. It's exactly that sort of thinking that's still operating in US policy circles: the 2008 National Defense Strategy, for example, calls for the use of American military power to maintain "access to and flow of energy resources vital to the world economy".»

As usual, one should read the lot, and if one does - as obviously I have done - one finds that it appears that Iraqis have not 'just' lost their oil to the illegal, marauding invaders, but their entire economy/country 'to boot.' Not at all surprising; see Kennan's Memo PPS23:
  «Furthermore, we have about 50% of the world's wealth but only 6.3% of its population. This disparity is particularly great
The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better.»
[wiki/Memo PPS23]

Kennan wrote PPS23 shortly after WW2.

The US pushed-paradigm propaganda slogan is "Truth, justice and the American way," the system that they actually operate under is: hide criminal truth with lies, there is no justice, and the American way is to steal everything they possibly can, and kill any objectors.

The most recent proof is described by Schwartz above.


Now, I'm quite willing to allow that half of the Iranian population is slavering to join "Western culture," especially since yes, they are young; they simply never experienced the US/UK-sponsored shah - 20yrs of brutality and yes, they want iPods now - and nose-jobs for the young ladies. We know that the US and UK have been propagandising as hard as they can by broadcasting into Iran; a form of cultural *AND* psychological warfare.

But, like dogs chasing cars, would it be good for the young Iranians if they got their current hearts' desires?


Consider what we've got: a crippled (non!)democracy; a dumbed-down sheople, a diet that sends a whopping proportion ghastly-obese, gas-guzzling cars - producing sooo much pollution it may soon kill off our life-supporting climate, and the 'summit' of our culture is mind-killing flat/wide-screen rubbish from Hollywood.

I wouldn't wish our (Anglo/Judaic/Western) version of 'heaven' on an enemy - which, not just BTW, Iran *isn't*.

[cross posted]