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Thursday, February 23, 2006


While delving deep into the New York Times archives doing a little research for my PhD project I stumbled across this rather interesting article. (Unfortunately, you’ll need to be a subscriber to access it fully but I’ve cut and pasted the relevant bit.)

As I read it I thought to myself ‘this all looks so familiar’. At first I thought there had been a glitch because I had been looking through a specific date range. Then I looked at the date of this particular article and, sure enough, the date was within the period I was looking at and it contained some of the keywords I was searching for. The relevant lines that caught my attention were these:

“…the airport, which because of its size operates largely beyond the scrutiny of the customs authorities, is believed to be one of dozens of transit points used by the Iranian Government to smuggle, from Europe to Iran, weapons parts and advanced technology used to develop nuclear weapons, Western intelligence officials say.
Some intelligence officials say they believe that despite an embargo imposed by the West, Iran may have a nuclear capacity in as little as five years.”

The lines, as well as the headline which ran; ‘Nuclear Trail – A special report; A Vast Smuggling Network Feeds Iran's Arms Program’, could have come right out of yesterday’s New York Times. They did not, however. They were from an article dated 15 March 1995.

Of course, what is really sad is the fact that the dumb and gullible continue to fall for this line of garbage even today. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that, as a result of this garbage, many, many people are likely to die with even the possibility of a catastrophic war resulting as the US and Israel continue to press for an attack against the Iranians.

A United World must resist the warmongering Lying Tyrants.


Anonymous said...

Words fail me - you truly are a moron.

Damian Lataan said...

Clearly, Dylan, you must be one of those that are 'dumb and gullible'.

If all you wish to do is insult me then in future I'll simply delete your insult. If you have something intelligent to say then say it, otherwise go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

You didn't respond to the last comment I made on another thread and you had comments switched off on your blog for a very long time before that. You don't seem interested in a debate, Damian.

Damian Lataan said...

Dylan, first off, I don't have a lot of time for debate but I am interseted in comments - but not insults!

I didn't respond to your comments on my previous post because your comment didn't directly address the issue; ie., the death penalty for two of the Bali Nine and Howard's reaction to it. Howard has stated on more than one occasion in the past that he is against the death sentence yet we know this is not true reading between the lines of previous comments he has made with regard to Saddam Hussein and the Bali Bombers.

One is either for the death penalty or one isn't. If, as you imply, Howard may be for the death penalty for certain crimes and against it for others then he should come right out and say it. To do otherwise is hypocricy.

The reason the comments box was turned off in the past was because there was little content in the comments that were being made, and that's apart from the spam stuff that comes when it's switched on and, of course, the insults and foul language that also arrived from gutless anonymous commentators. The upshot is; this blog doesn't exist to give the right-wing a voice. Anonymous comments will simply be deleted. If people won't put their name to what they have to say then they can find somewhere else to say it. Frankly, I wouldn't give them the time of day let alone the opportunity to peddle their mindless warmongering and insulting crap on my blog. If they want to do that they can set up their own blog.

I'm interested in intelligent comment regardless of whether it is right or left wing. If you write saying 'war is good' I'll delete it. If you wtite saying 'war is good because...' then I won't. Readers can then make up their own mind as to whether war is good or not. Simple really.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Damian.
Having only just arrived into my thirties, and woken up to all the BS I have been fed all my life, its hard to figure out what is really going on and I appreciate your article..